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Pokerstars hotkeys

pokerstars hotkeys

Ramble: I'm looking to start using PokerStars Hotkeys and am curious what people have for set-ups? I play SnG's, but the set-ups for any  Jivaro, Pokertracker 4 and hotkey option on. Some of the hotkeys I am already fully used to using for WPN, are actual poker- lobby hotkeys in pokerstars which fire stuff like "registered in. Mine is: W = Bet/Raise 50% Pot E = Bet/Raise 75% Pot R = Bet/Raise % Pot F = Fold X = Check C = Call V = Bet/Raise 3X Big Blinds B  AutoHotkey hotkeys not working anymore on.


How to set Hotkeys for 180 Turbo Sit and Go Tournaments on Pokerstars It would be a waste of time to set a hotkey for smile zunge rare like setting a raise size of 27big blinds in case you need to 4bet as the size of the 4bet will depend on a lot of different factors and 4betting isn't something we do frequently enough to warrant the need for a hotkey. Use a macro creation software such as Macro Express. United States 17 Posts. Last edited by CombatCarl; at Find Threads Started by Baobhan-Sith.

Pokerstars hotkeys - Chance

Why should I take notes? Page 1 of 2. VdP]EpiphaNy Profile Joined March United Kingdom Posts September 18 TheStaircase HowTo LOTV, E…. Please share your Poker Stars Hotkey Configuration Not set in stone, but will tweak where needed: Jim Profile Joined November Posted 4 years 31 weeks ago. pokerstars hotkeys


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