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Best starcraft 2 player

best starcraft 2 player

korean: Polt imo. non korean: cant really think of any terran player need more systematic and long hour daily training like korean pros. It's turning into another great year for StarCraft 2 with Liquid! missed some of the games that our players have played over the past few months. It was undoubtedly the best series of the tournament and proved once and for. Best of eSport players change games. Play with Zerg, Protoss & Terran (PvP, PvT). Change Games. He is fun to watch, and he is an amazing zerg player. I wanted Mvp on top as. This is reasonable I think. I didn't realize that being arguably the best player in the xplosive for eight months straight was only a single month! How come there are slways these vs guys in these discussions, and they're always obnoxios dumbfucks? Honestly I just think nestea is AMAZING he's such a great player definitely the best.


Starcraft 2 players at the Keyboard

Best starcraft 2 player - der Auswahl

To somehow claim that no good players existed in SC2 before the Kespa switch is nonsense. Chillin x Chudat Check out what Chudat and Chillin had to say about each other! Also not to mention MVP lost to fucking MorroW recently, there is no question that MVP has dropped off, and it has nothing to do with the Kespa switch. If you rate the players by gold medals and so on, then TaeJa is nr 1. All the guys that were amongst the greatest when he won his first GSL have since been reduced to shadows of their former selves or simply retired. I wouldn't be surprised if he's out in the first round of blizzcon because of this. GPL Season 2.


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